Floating Words Edits: 

With nearly all the images I edited them to become black and white as the lighting from the original images when enhanced turned the images pink. Also when the black and white setting the images can become grainy and take on the appearance of an image taken on a film camera. 

I also cropped out some of the background on some of the images as they detracted from the focused parts of the text even though the background was out of focus. 

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Floating Words shoot: 

To create these images I hand wrote quotes on a clear plastic sheet over white paper to create illusion of floating words. I then took the images from several different angles with a small depth of field being created so that only parts of the quotes are in focus. 

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Black and White Post-It Note Images: 

Using rhetorical questions with post-it notes on everyday objects, it causes the viewer to question the uses of these everyday object and the perception of these objects depending on where you stand. 

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Edits of Letter Block Shoot: 

These are the edits of my Letter Block experiment. I adjusted the contrast in some of the images, and cropped most of them so that the subject was all that could be seen.

With the ‘Smile’ image I also cloned out the distracting black background and replaced it with the white wall behind it and cropped the image down to get rid of the excess of white wall above so that the blocks were then centered in the image. 

With ‘Enjoy’ i cropped the images also so the the image is just the block tower and also experimented with black and white as well as sepia. I could not decide which image I liked most so have put all three in. 

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Letter Block Experiment: 

Using children’s letter blocks I made them into sayings and words.

I like this set of images due to their structure though a lot of them need fixing in Photoshop to be rid of the background that detracts from the subject I was trying to capture. 

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Film Shoot:

This is my second film shoot. This was taken in a wider area than my first shoot, so I had more text around to work with. 

Overall I like this set of images more than the first, especially the images of the post box due to the way they are structured and the good quality they turned out. 

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Film Shoot:

This is my first of 2 film shoots I did. This one was based around the immediate vicinity of the school, and although that meant I had a limited amount to work with I am still very happy with this shoot. I like the contrast of all the images taken and there are no overexposed parts of any of the images taken. 

I’m not happy with the “Push Pad” image as I don’ t like the way I structured it, and the shadow on the image is too dark creating a Black patch that draws the eye from the text I was trying to capture. 

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Image overlay tryouts:

For these images I took several images from several Google searches, one for an image and one for a quote.

Then, using Photoshop I overlapped the quotes over the image and then adjusted the images til I was happy with the outcome. 

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Projection Images:

I did this series of images in a dark room with a projector with song lyrics projected onto a model. I tried to put certain words in corresponding places on the body, with smile and kiss over the mouth and alive over the throat and neck area.

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Fabric Prints of my Tagxedo Images. 

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Tagxedo turns words — famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters — into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.” - Tagxedo Website 

I created these word clouds, using the Tagxedo website, it created word clouds in the shape of different template that I chose to refletct the subject of the piece I used in each seperate word cloud e.g. For The Sick Rose by William Blake, a Rose template has been used, for The Wasteland II: A Game of Chess by T.S. Eliot a chess piece template was used etc.
The other two poems I used were The Poison Tree also by William Blake and the English Nursery Rhyme Solomun Grundy.

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Text and Image Photo-shoot 

By looking at the artists images I have already researched I thought I should try composing and taking my own text and image based photos to see what I could see around me rather than specifically trying to recreate an image already done by another photographer. 

—Analysis of shoot —

Most of these Images are all sharp and in focus across the whole image except for the foreground of this

and the background of this 

This is to draw focus to the text in the image, in the rest of the images the text is large enough to draw the eye to without having to blur the background, The foreground of the first image above is blurred because of where the camera was positioned on the ground so that the grass framed the bottom half of the image. 

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Mobstr Experiment


I took the idea from this image by Mobstr—>image

To try something similar by printing words onto a block of something, as no smooth bricks were available I decided to print on a block of wood about the same size of a brick.


I made up a bit of text keeping to Mobstr’s theme of satire, as I was…

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Mobstr Artist Reference - Part 2 

Mobstr’s work seems to be both very opportunistic as well as planned. With the large stencil text on walls in public places it is probably more likely to be opportunistic. With many of the other images such as Save The Trees and I Stole This Sign (Link).

He some times uses nature as well as man made artefacts in his artwork.

His work is very modern with using stencils such as ‘Reblog This’ indicating that he plans for the image to go viral on the internet at some point. Also placement in his images such as in ‘99% of people wont see this’ is a large thing for him, he has deliberately placed this down low so that people will not see it and prove his statistic.

He uses satirical statements to make his work seem amusing and to make a point, such as in Security. 

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"Mobstr is a street artist based out of the United Kingdom who has incorporated the city’s clean up crew or “buff-men” into his art.

Mobstr thrives in industrial, urban areas where there are many street walls, signs, subway tunnels and marquees. Much of his art is only preserved temporarily, before it is erased or painted over by the local civil “cleaners.” Not swayed or frustrated by a temporary display, Mobstr instead considers removal to be part of the cycle of art. Whether he is telling a story, making a satirical point, or just creating art for aesthetic pleasure and amusement, the result is gratifying for the city folk. Mobstr says, “I am just having some fun but I hope it has a hint of underlying truth. I don’t take what I do too seriously but don’t be mistaken there is a massive passion behind it.” 

Quote From - http://www.visualnews.com/2013/05/22/street-artist-spotlight-mobstr/

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